SUPPORT CONCERT 4 PALESTINE. There will be no peace in Palestine until Israel withdraws from all the occupied territories. It’s time to speak up…
If you agree with Concert4Palestine, tell us…
Spread the word! For your emails, use our news release. Got a website? Link to us! Tools here…
ORGANIZE YOUR OWN CONCERT. If you play or enjoy music of any kind – rock, pop, classical, hiphop, jazz, techno, country, folk – why not organize a Concert 4 Palestine in your town or city? Just display a banner saying “Concert4Palestine” and you’re away. Contact local pro-Palestinian organizations for support. For example…
KICK CATERPILLAR’S ASS. In its war of terror on the Palestinians, the Israeli army has demolished the homes of thousands of Palestinian families. It is estimated that since the beginning of the occupation, in 1967, Israel has destroyed over 7,000 buildings, leaving 50,000 men, women and children homeless. Israel’s weapon of choice in its home demolition rampage? Specially designed Caterpillar bulldozers. More…
BECOME A PEACE ACTIVIST. Through the International Solidarity Movement, you can join hundreds of other young people who use nonviolent, direct-action methods of resistance to confront and challenge Israeli occupation forces and policies. Volunteer…
BOYCOTT ISRAEL. Join the campaign against Israeli products – remember, a worldwide boycott of South Africa in the 1980s helped end the racist apartheid regime. By joining this boycott, you can take concrete steps to protest Israel’s gross human rights violations and end its illegal occupation of Palestinian land. More…
Electronic intifada

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

STAY INFORMED. Turn off FoxNews and all news media that make excuses for Israel’s war on the Palestinians. These links will help free your mind of Israeli government propaganda:
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Stop the Wall
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Palestine Monitor
Palestine Chronicle
Palestine Solidarity Campaign
International Solidarity Movement
Christian Peacemaker Teams
Al Awada: Palestinian Right to Return Coalition
Jewish Alliance for Peace and Justice
The right to a home and a homeland
Israeli soldiers who refuse to serve
Jews Against the Occupation
Washington Post, on the US pro-Israel lobby
Amnesty International
International Red Cross
Palestinian Centre for Human Rights
B’tselem, Israeli human rights organization
Gush Shalom, Israeli peace movement
Palestine Human Rights Monitoring Group
Human Rights Watch – The Right to Return
Defense for Children International – Palestine
Grassroots International – Palestine
Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights
Jews For Justice For Palestinians
BADIL Resource Center
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
Peace Now, USA